Bella Rose

We went to Bella Rose last night in Haverstraw.  Our friends had already established residence in the front window seating area when we arrived.  Two brown leather club chairs, some bar stools and wooden seating with cushions flanked with a swanky chandelier. It was very comfortable and a nice area for a group of seven. I had La Rossa Moretti, a double malt Italian beer that I thought would be too bitter for me.  Of course, I am supposed to be staying away from gluten so having a beer at all was a big no no. And when the first was finished I said yes yes to another.  This dark icy cold ale had just enough sweetness to make it go down perfecto accompanied by Bella Rose pizza, calamari and chicken tender appetizers.  The Parting Glass Band played Irish music as we talked the night away and ended our visit perfectly with a cannoli and  delicious hot coffee from coffee lab roasters in Tarrytown.

Before the night was over, we went across the street to Union Restaurant where we met Pierce, the bartender who told us about his bicycling tales across the ferry to Lewes Delaware. Having a home in Fenwick, we knew all of the spots he spoke of with a twinkle in his eye as we missed being there.

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