It’s not shmootz, it’s paintings


We have always had dogs.  I grew up with a German Shepherd and knew that when my son was very young he should be a boy with a dog.  Dogs teach responsibility, altruism and trust.  They are your first friend, the one that doesn’t talk. The hairy one that follows you around and is dependent on you feeding and taking care of it. Our dogs, like most, love to look out the window.  Any window they can reach, they aren’t particularly picky.  The outside world is filled with sounds, smells, a visual wonderland for dogs.

In the beginning, I would wash the windows after the dogs would snot on them. It happens often and their noses cant’ help it.  They are wet, and pressing that nose against the window seems to help bring the outside closer somehow. Windex is my friend.  Very little time went by when I realized this was a losing battle.  The shmootz took over and I was not strong enough to combat it.

One day I told my children and husband, frankly anybody that would listen, “it’s not dirt, they are paintings—the dogs made paintings.” My “cleanliness is next to Godliness” Mom did not agree.


If you walk through my house today with almost spring shining in the windows, you will see all the beautiful paintings my dogs have done.  The family room and my home office are especially adorned. They are pure perfection at their craft. Now these innocent pups are teaching a new lesson.

Go with it.


Appreciate the art and leave it alone, for now.

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