Ahhh the Days of Blanket Forts

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Interior Designer Claudia Judelman thinking about the days when her children transformed her home into a safe haven of sheets, pillows and blankets.

I was thinking about when my children were younger and loved to build forts. What is it about hiding under layers of fabric– between pillows and cushions–hiding out, that make kids squeal with joy?

Almost a day didn’t go by when my family room was transformed into a land of little forts. Filled with naked couches, dozens of cushions on the floor placed with reckless abandon.

Little heads were hidden under blankets and pillows and every sheet from the linen closet hung in precarious ways over their heads. My son then loved to then place string from one corner to another like giant spider webs.

I found these great pictures of some forts in Real Simple Magazine.


I think I will make a fort with my granddaughters very soon. There is a magic in its simplicity.

Claudia is an Interior Designer who specializes in redesigning space. Claudia.judelman@gmail.com