Aging Gracefully at the Hands of a Doctor With a Funny Bone

“Have you heard the one about the Rabbi and the Priest?” Dr. Shahar asks as I enter his office. “I think I may have,” I stammer. “Well, I will tell you anyway.” says this doctor who I am sure has more than one joke up his white coat sleeve.

The Doctor, Dr. Yoel S.Shahar, is a world renowned, board-certified New York City cosmetic surgeon, who is passionate about Marilyn Monroe, brings authentic artistry to his craft and can tell a joke as if he is telling a serious tale. Dr. Shahar’s philosophy is based on his keen eye for balance, composition and maintaining integrity of form. His creative proficiency and keen sense of humor has been lauded and sought after by many both nationally and internationally. He has performed thousands of procedures at his private practice for nearly 25 years, and specializes in facial rejuvenation, body contouring and breast enhancement.

A group of Dr. Shahar’s patients, friends, family and colleagues got together recently for a few hours on a weekday evening in his offices on Park Avenue. The offices are adorned with art showcasing the female anatomy, and feels more like a private home, a place of warmth with traditional furnishings. Evidenced by the turnout, Dr. Shahar is someone who his clients enjoy and respect– taking the time from their busy lives for a little wine, cheese, a few jokes and a being present during a proud announcement.

“When I first met Dr Shahar I knew I could look and feel better about myself, but I wasn’t interested in needles or procedures. Dr. Shahar made me feel comfortable with his keen eye for what looks natural and what little things that can be done that make the biggest improvement in a person’s look. I’ve recommended him to friends and family who have been equally impressed.” said Michele Sonier who works in financial services.


The special evening was, for the most part, to introduce Juliet Stewart, an International Make-Up Artist as part of Dr. Shahar’s team of professionals. Stewart will be offering her services to Dr. Shahar’s patients.

“I believe that every woman should have the chance to feel beautiful. Whatever that is to that individual. A woman of any age is beautiful because of who she becomes with time. Women must embrace time to own their individuality. What makes women of all ages beautiful and sexy is their self-assurance. The place to start is in the mind.” she explained. “When Dr. Shahar asked me to join him, I have to admit that I hesitated. But I met with him and witnessed his work. This is the work of a true artist who under corrects always leaving his pateients a natural look.”

Stewart brings to her work an Italian sensibility. A native of Italy who came to the United States as a young woman, her creations for each individual woman are timeless and unforgettable. With over twenty years in the industry, Stewart has practiced make-up artistry at its highest levels. With Lancôme Cosmetics she was responsible for sales, training and events in twenty-six department stores. As the National Make-up Artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Co.), Stewart worked throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia for ten years.


Dr. Shahar spoke about his craft to a packed room and explained that women do not need a full facelift to feel beautiful. Sometimes small procedures, he explained, make the biggest impact. “As filler, the fat injection can last for years in certain areas of the face and body. A fat injection can correct disproportion of facial features to bring balance and harmony to your face. It can enhance your cheeks, eliminate depression of your lower eyelid and nasolabial folds (deep folds that run from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth), or eradicate the pre-jowl depression. It is the preferred method of choice since your own fat is being used. Compared to other injectables with temporary results, this procedure provides long lasting results. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, and you can return to work the next day.”

Later in the evening, Stewart showed her craft to several women who were thrilled with the results and could not believe the difference an eyebrow shaping and professional make-up application had done for their appearance.

Dr. Shahar’s office is at 903 Park Avenue, New York, NY 212-717-4066.
Juliet Stewart can be reached at: