Leader of the Pack


Lisa Snyder is a passionate warrior.

Twice a day she hikes deep into the woods, the only two legged of her bunch. The other eight wear huge freedom grins and jump frantically out of her SUV one at a time, sniffing and pawing each other. With a shrill scream and a strong but kind presence, every weekday, in the woods of Rockland County, her pack knows to stay near.

Snyder owns Dog Day Afternoon, a dog exercise company she started in 2010. She takes eight to ten dogs, all off leash on twice-daily afternoon adventures. Her own dogs Mia and Bea come along as part of the pack. Bea was saved from the Newark Humane Society just days before she was to be killed. Her clients send her photos of their dogs at night sleeping peacefully…”all because of you” they say in their notes.

“I am more the dog yeller than the dog whisperer,” she admits.

“Dogs need to be free, they don’t love running around on a leash, just like people — freedom is key,” said Snyder. “It’s even more than that. They learn how to behave in a pack and to socialize.”

One day in the woods Snyder was pondering life and realizing that everything was falling into place. She was very much at peace, or so she thought. She looked down and was standing inside of a snake, the thickness of three times an elephants trunk. “I don’t remember stepping into the snake circle!” she said. “I yelled RUN to the dogs and jumped over the snake and just kept running. I found an official and he said it was probably just a rat snake getting some sun.” The answer did not help ease her.

Snyder grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey the oldest of three sisters. She did not grow up with pets. “The first dog I ever had was Bogie who I rescued when I was in my twenties,” she recalled. “It was as if I saw a dog for the very first time when I got him.” She started Dog Day Afternoon in the 80s when she lived in California but it really took off in New York.

“Independent businesses run in my family,” she said. Her father owned Jolly Plastics, a mail order garbage bag business. With a huge afro (it was the 70’s) her Dad did business and his logo was a clown with a matching hairstyle. “It was kind of like having Wolfman Jack for a Dad.”

Snyder went to college for marketing and shortly after moved to Philadelphia for a short while and then to Los Angeles. A friend was a big costume designer for movies like Pretty Woman and asked if Snyder wanted to work on a movie.

The movie was Somersby with Richard Gere and Jodi Foster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sommersby. Snyder went to Virginia to shoot the movie. After the movie was finished Snyder met a handsome violinist who lived in New York. “We were very different,” she said. “But I loved him very much.” They dated for five years and were headed toward marriage.

“He got a job as the Associate Concert Master of the New York City Ballet and I moved to New York,” she explained.

“If I have any regrets at all, it is that I did not marry him…but he’s never even been on a Ferris Wheel! I know that sounds crazy. He was a child prodigy and I was a completely passionate free spirit,” she said.

In 1996 Snyder moved to Morningside Heights, Manhattan and shortly after bought an apartment in Inwood. She worked for many years as a representative for a homeopathic pharmaceutical company and for Halstead Real Estate.

On September 11th Snyder got in her car with her dog Bogie and just drove. She somehow ended up in Memorial Park in Nyack. “I had been to Nyack before and made a mental note that I was going to live here one day.” She said. “I really don’t know how I even got there, it was surreal.”

In 2006 Snyder went to see the house that she lives in now and made an offer before she even went upstairs.

“I am the free spirited older sister and dogs have changed my life. I am satisfied with these creatures. Nothing rivals having a baby but I really feel like I was Mother Earth in another life. This time around, I choose hedonism. This is a fast life. I want to get massaged, cook, travel and watch my two beautiful nieces grow.”


Dog Day Afternoon can be reached at: dogdayafternoon4@verizon.net or at 845-480-5213. If your dog cannot be off leash, Dog Day Afternoon also works with Dog Walkers and does have Dog Boarding Services.

Article Reprinted in Nyack Hamlet Hub here:http://news.hamlethub.com/nyack/life/273-leader-of-the-pack

Right in Front of Our Eyes

A few weeks ago I was given a very high honor.

I wasn’t given an award.

I didn’t win a medal, ace a test, win a corporate challenge or break any records.

I became a spectacle.


Yes, I had a pair of glasses named after me. The Donna. Donna won’t be available until Fall 2014, but I have never been so honored.

These designer frames are making me feel pretty special right in front of my own eyes.

The glasses are described as recognizable vintage detail embedded in medium tortoise or black premium acetate that create a look that’s feminine and fashionable. Retro shaped spring hinge temples and a oversized lens area make these glasses a must have for any serious reader.

They also have a personality. Donna’s way is not always so laid back; she likes to be up to the minute in whatever is going on. Her style is just a little bit trendy and sometimes even over the top…just for fun. She loves people, finds the remarkable in the day to day and lives from the inside out. She’s in the driver’s seat.

I am not the only lucky recipient of a pair of designer frames named after me.

Renee Bachner, of Renee’s Readers and Total Focus in New City http://www.reneesreaders.com honored many of her clients and friends with the same announcement way before the Donna was born, when she first launched her start-up business three years ago. Right then and there, Bachner decided that she would design readers after her very best clientele. Renee’s Reader’s branding was born.

Bernie Gelb is a client and devoted rock and roll fan. His semi-rimless design transforms a vintage look into modern day retro style. Gelb attended Brandeis and worked for a company as a concert promoter while still in college. After College he promoted names like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Band, Cream, Jefferson Airplane and Joni Mitchell. He became Joni Mitchell’s Manager in 1971 and was the executive producer of several of her albums.

“It was a great time,” he remembers. “I started collecting vinyls when the Beatles came out in 1963 and I have never stopped.”

Susan Wolper, another client of Bachner’s, is described on the Renee’s Readers website as having the courage to explore new paths that highlight her natural strengths and talents.

“I was so flattered when Renee told me she was naming a pair of readers after me!” remembers Wolper.

Wolper went back for her Masters Degree in education when her children were young and now teaches at Felix Festa Middle School in West Nyack.

“Renee was unbelievable style, I wouldn’t buy my glasses anyplace else. She is so patient.” said Wolper.

Libby Becker “The Libby” recalls when Bachner told her about her business idea.

“We are amazed by Renee, I followed her through her re-entry into the working world and was flattered to have the Libby named after me….I had no idea she was doing this.”

Becker worked in fundraising and recently changed careers to work with an interior design firm, Romancing the Home Interiors out of New City.

“After my first interview I said, when do I start? My interviewer, Marcy Sacks said, well I didn’t hire you yet. “ she laughed.


Renee’s Readers was created using her more than 25 years’ experience as a licensed optician, her background in fashion and design and the inspiration and feedback of her optical store customers.

Designing her own line of reading glasses is something she wanted to do for years. Caring for her elderly parents at that time and faced with her own aging motivated her to create Renee’s Readers. Made with attention to style and comfort needs of her customers in their reading glasses, Renee’s Readers gives you the practical, easy chic looks that today’s on the go style of living demands. Impressed with their ageless attitude further inspired her to name each Renee’s Readers style after actual customers whose personal style and attitude although unique describe so many of us as we get older.

Renee’s Readers answers to what today’s fashion is all about…great style comes from the quality and functionality that makes looking good easy.

Let Your Look Tell Your Story,