The Fork Less Taken


The North Fork of Long Island is where magical things happen. There are 40 plus vineyards, emerging micro breweries and a “Slow Food” minded restaurant industry. A farming scene that is thriving and ever evolving with things like the planting of hops and the obsession of organic and sustainable methods, not dwindling like in many other places. There are local artists, farmers, ranchers, musicians, wine-makers, cheese makers; fish mongers — did I mention the incredible Long Island Sound? A true artisans paradise.

It is not the overachieving South Fork. What’s growing in most North Fork fields aren’t subdivisions but vegetables, fruit and lots of grapes.

I was lucky enough to stay directly across from the Sound with a room that’s view was out of a movie and to experience the Fork’s sunset complete with a stranger playing bagpipes on the beach.

Thank you to our hosts.

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